Monday, July 19, 2010

Reboot Ralph Movie

Update - June 13, 2011: The film has been retitled Wreck-It Ralph.

Reboot Ralph MovieWalt Disney Pictures announced that they will release the movie Reboot Ralph on March 22, 2013. Never heard of this film before? No wonder, it's a kind of top-secret project, and barely anything has leaked from Disney. Well, the online rumor pretends to have some details...

According to the rumor, Reboot Ralph is actually the new title of an old project, a CG animated movie that was previously titled "Joe Jump". Joe Jump was the story of an outdated video game character whom time had passed by. A fish out of water tale about a Pac-Man era game trying to make it in a Halo era world. But the project was put to a halt (Disney liked the premise of Reboot Ralph but wanted to allocate more resources to other films).

Looks like Disney now think it's worth to revisit the project, and they come up with a new title: Reboot Ralph. And a few weeks ago Disney officially announced the release date of Reboot Ralph: the film will hit theaters on March, 22, 2013 November 2, 2012.

Hope we'll get more information about the movie Reboot Ralph soon, stay tuned!